About Us

“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live an age of unprecedented data. Did you know the average American consumes 34 gigabytes / 12 hours of information per day – outside of work? The reality is you and I are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data that is being firehosed on us.

So what are we do to? Go live in caves; far from the maddening crowds? Hardly. The fact is our very existence and work is intricately bound by the digital ecosystem that we find ourselves in. We can attempt to escape it by ‘unplugging’ for a few days or deleting our social media accounts but we all know know what will happen on the eventual and inevitable re-entrance. We will be inundated and bombarded by even more terabytes of data.

Having said all this, it is ironical that we are even connected today isn’t it? Well we aim to be a different kind of site. One which hopefully will ease a bit of the burden for you; at least when it comes to all things eLearning.

The eLearning space is growing at an astronomical rate! Growth overseas is even more explosive. Anyone who is even mildly connected with this industry needs to have their finger on the pulse of the goings on. Afterall what is an eLearning industry without the ‘learning’?

What we are doing with eLearningInside.com however is revolutionary. We spend our precious time combing the web for the latest and greatest tidbits, trends, ideas, products, businesses, academic research, social media happenings, investment news and all things eLearning. We then sift and sort all this data and come up with short pithy summaries that we deliver to your inbox. You then get to decide what you want to click through to get more information or what you wish to ignore because it has no interest to you. Think about it. You’re are the driver of the conversation. You decide what is interesting and what is not. You make the decision whether a story is worth further pursuing.

We promise you that our writers will write with objectivity and an eye, ear and pixel to inform. We are not about pitching products or spamming you with more junk. And we happen to believe that dear old email is not dead  (yet) and can actually be a calming experience to focus you on what might be of interest and relevance to you.

Feel free to signup and we will deliver a weekly curated top of the line eLearning news. As we develop and mature we will increase the frequency of delivery with a goal to deliver at least one summary or curated email a day. We are stoked about eLearningInside.com and hope you will come along for the ride.

Lastly, we are open to criticism, praise, suggestions, corrections and everything else. Let us know what works for you and what does not and we will do our level-best to make things right.


eLearningInside’s intrepid team of eLearning reporters, writers, techies, and all around nice people.