Cannabis and eLearning get together in Vancouver, 450 schools welcome eLearning

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Without video features, your eLearning authoring tool is probably obsolete

There are many options out there when you start searching for an eLearning authoring tool. You’ve done all the research and you’ve decided on a small group of options. If those options don’t include Articulate Storyline 2 or Trivantis Lectora Inspire and all of the video features those have, then your options aren’t going to make the cut. So, what are the top five things your eLearning authoring tool needs? Link.

Learning Heroes and OpenSesame partner to evolve eLearning options

OpenSesame is constantly evolving its content to better serve the needs of customers. Partnering with Learning Heroes, the two now have the capabilities to combine Learning Heroes engaging animated eLearning with OpenSesame’s wide range of courses. Does you eLearning content match up to what this new partnership can offer? Link.

Learning and development community meets up in Berlin

Every year there is a meeting for learning and development and HR professionals to get together and check on eLearning. This year there are three locations that will have attendees from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. The locations included Shanghai, Berlin and Paris. Link.

Business education brings new life to eLearning

The wide promises of MOOCs of revolutionizing education and learning weren’t exactly met. However, now that business education makes up a wider portion of eLearning, eLearning is making a comeback and in a big way. No big promises about revolution this time, only promises of higher student engagement. What will an eLearning based education look like? Link.

450 schools are welcoming a guest of honor: eLearning

NGOs in India have provided funding and software to 120 schools to implement eLearning practises. Schools in more rural areas were chosen based on academic and performance criteria and have already started the implementation process. This brings hopes that eLearning will bring offer a better academic experience to students. eLearning in public schools is here. Will private institutions follow? Link.

Cannabis, retail and Vancouver come together in eLearning

A Vancouver company has partnered with Learnkit to develop the first Retail Cannabis Training course. As cannabis sales are growing and legalization is nearing, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to develop their businesses and stay up to date on reliable information needed for the responsible and healthy sale and consumption of cannabis. Do you need a Retail Cannabis Training course? Link.

Multilingualism and eLearning: the perfect pair

eLearning has proven itself to be a valuable tool in the realm of learning and development and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Language training has generally always been limited, in business, to teaching foreign born employees to speak English. Now, with a world that is always changing and growing ever closer, teaching employees languages from Spanish to Japanese has become a must-do practice. eLearning sets the stage for a more successful experience. Link.


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