Education alert: young students, PhD students see new trends in learning

Lean into the forgetting curve and stay afloat using microlearning

A lot of inefficient training can be attributed to the forgetting curve. Students quickly begin to forget what was covered during training if they are not reminded regularly. The forgetting curve is attributed with a large percentage of information loss. Microlearning can help to prevent the overtake of the forgetting curve. With regular, informal lessons, learners can keep learning without forgetting everything they’ve learned thus far. Link. 

Opening doors (and borders) for families of and students in high school

Programs like Stanford University’s high school program are offering students a new look at how a high school experience can be lived. Through this program and others like it, high school students now have the freedom to do all or nearly all of their high school education online. This allows families a greater deal of freedom in their lifestyle and gives students the opportunity to experience these formative years through a different manner. Link. 

Knowledge sharing finds its place between online learning and liberal arts

For many higher learning institutions across the country, the use of online learning has been a point of interest for some time. Online courses are regularly offered at many colleges, although to complete a degree, students generally have to attend some on-campus classes. Liberal arts institutions are beginning to join together to offer courses to students from other universities. Is there strength in numbers for these institutions? Link.

So, your kids are obsessed with tech

Parents around the world have been panicked about the effects that technology is having on their children. Is it destroying their social capabilities? Will they be less intelligent because of all the time in front of the screen? Turns out that technology can actually be extremely helpful in developing all sorts of skills in your child. With thoughtful and guided usage, tech could save your kids. Link.

Pay-as-you-play style PhD programs changing higher ed

Deakin University will be offering post-grad programs via MOOC. It provides student with an exciting opportunity to start their studies without committing to a long and/or expensive program. The courses are organized with small groups of students that begin and complete the course together and allows students to interact from anywhere in the world. Link.

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