eLearning takeover: Elderly employees, elementary school children affected

Medical training hits the small (even smaller) screen

An estimated 500 million people worldwide rely on a healthcare application and it seems like the time has come for medical training to follow suit. While it may be difficult for all of an aspiring medical professional’s studies to be online, there are many ways that eLearning can make medical training easier and faster. Think about anatomy. It’s much easier (and cleaner!) to learn via eLearning instead of actually doing any slicing on a real body. Link.


eLearning might start coming home in backpacks

Students in Tipton, Indiana might say “so long” to snow days sometime soon. The schools are encouraging and trying out new ways that eLearning could prevent students from missing important lessons and school work. If the project works out, students will have access to school resources and work while at home. No more homework-eating dogs. Link.

Moana, from Disney, could help your kids start coding

Hour of Code has created a new program where kids can learn to code from one of their new favorite Disney characters: Moana. Beyond Moana, Hour of Code has a ton of fun programs for kids to learn to code and in a world like ours, keeping up with tech is important. Get involved yourself! Link.

Stop building walls and start tearing down barriers (to eLearning)

There are many reasons why students don’t stay engaged in learning, no matter where it is taking place. Sometimes it is a prior level of experience that isn’t adequate or maybe they just don’t have the right kind of motivation. This isn’t just another list of barriers to online training. Link.

Sales training: next stop eLearning revolution

Training a new sales employee can be a hassle! It takes lots of time to train an employee to a standard that everyone in your organization can agree on. It doesn’t have to take time out of everyone’s schedule, though. eLearning could be the independent, easily-accessible learning tool that sales training needs. Link.

Match Maker 101: New technologies go well with classic employees

When most organizations see their older employees, they don’t expect much in the way of technology or computer literacy. There’s no reason to assume that or to leave it that way if that truly is the case. Introducing eLearning to elderly employees is good for the whole company. Fewer problems with new tech for elderly employees and fewer questions about tech for IT. Win-win. Link.


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