Fitbit devices, Storytelling in eLearning, Technology evolution in education

Using Fitbit-like Devices in Workplace Training

Engaging employees and students has become a more challenging task as people grow accustomed to bite-sized everything. Fitbit style devices allow employers to truly engage employees in the work community with healthy competition and gamification. It could be coming to a classroom near you next. Link.


25 Story Ideas For eLearning

For centuries we have passed on stories from generation to generation and captivated ourselves around the campfire. Storytelling can engage people like nothing else. It could change how you deliver eLearning and training as well! Link.

Technology in education is evolving

Technology literacy is starting to impact how lessons and assessments are delivered in all levels of education. Through the use of iPads and eLearning, schools are beginning to implement more programs that allow students to use technology in a way that prepares them for continued studies or career paths. Get inspired about eLearning. Link.

Three Trends In E-Learning That Can Help Businesses Craft Better Training Programs

Learning technology might be evolving, but it’s not all about keeping up with the Joneses. It’s time to learn how to apply old theories to new mediums and implement better eLearning for your employee training. We don’t have to recreate the wheel, just get it moving. Link.   

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