Hook, line and sinker: Engage employees at every level with eLearning

Sports-safety training has arrived to eLearning in a big way

Across the country, young guys and gals are in middle or high school playing sports. We often forget that some sports can, actually, be quite dangerous. Without the proper care and knowledge, coaches could make bad decisions for their players. Now, with the availability of state-mandated training for high school and middle school coaches, they will always be trained to high quality standards. Link.


Engage your entire office, even the interns


Buzzwords are key in today’s fast-paced rat race of a world. It’s been said that Millennials and Generation Z are looking for feedback or that they are cynical of the workforce and its ability to sustain them. To really engage these employees it will take a solid corporate culture of openness and feedback. Can these easy tips help turn your intern program around? Link.


Create a learning culture that engages all of your employees

Getting employees pumped up about learning will almost certainly be a struggle for any company. Not all employees are excited to learn new skills and information that they don’t see as an immediate action for their position. There are ways, however, to make sure that employees are always engaged by providing the right environment and the right material Want to see 8 ways to get it started? Link.

Scouter learns the advantages of eLearning with a special prize

After completing the one millionth eLearning module a Scouter named Roger Sheats won a free conference at the Philmont Training Center. As the eLearning market grows, companies and organizations from all distinctions are becoming more involved. Busy people find eLearning much easier to complete than classroom training and it is proving to be very beneficial. Link.

Design eLearning that makes employees crave more

We’ve been creating eLearning content for many years now and new tricks can be hard to come by. Make it easier on yourself by focusing on technological trends that can be translated to good eLearning design. Trends like gamification and virtual reality have become incredibly viral and it’s high time they make their way to your eLearning content. Think you can make it happen? Link.



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