No budget needed eLearning, Making branding work in eLearning content

Who needs a budget for eLearning?

eLearning has proven its worth in many realms of business and education. With eLearning, training and education have grown to new heights of possibilities. It doesn’t mean it has to cost you a fortune to implement solid eLearning into your training program. Some organizations, like Restless Development, have figured out how to put together a quality program without breaking the bank. Link.

How to make branding work in eLearning content

Your brand should be one of the most important pieces of your organization. It can make or break how you are perceived to consumers and other businesses alike. When it comes to branding your eLearning courses, it becomes a bit more choppy. Is branding eLearning content worth it? Does it enhance the experience? If you brand the content, what’s the best way?  Link.

Do your learners fall short on motivation?

When your employees are unengaged and falling asleep during training, it might not be because the content is boring. Unfortunately, everyone does not have the same motivation to follow through with training and really get something from it. Often, there are stronger and weaker motivations that are all valid. How do you get your learners motivated in training? Link.

Will quality training break the glass ceiling?

The recent election has left many people talking about the Glass Ceiling and what women must do now to make sure it is shattered. In training, we often focus on sexual harassment and inclusion, but it may be time to set aside a little more time for these. Could an anti-bias course or better leadership training be what we need to get women into higher ranking positions? Link.


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